Benefits of Panthenol for Hair. You’ll Be Taken Aback!

Benefits of Panthenol for Hair

Panthenol is one of the most famous hair-care ingredients. Why is that so actually? Do you know how it benefits the hair? It turns out that it works better when it’s paired with some other hair-enhancing ingredients. Find out why panthenol should be included in your hair mask and what this popular hair enhancer actually is.

What is panthenol?

From the chemistry point of view, panthenol – provitamin B5 – is an alcohol that naturally occurs in hair, skin and nails. It fulfils an important role in the metabolism of cells.

From the point of view of cosmetologists, this is one of the crucial vitamins, essential for the healthy growth of nails and hair. It’s classified as a hair-hydrating humectant. It is similar to keratin – a protein that builds the hair, skin and nails.

What effect does panthenol have on hair?

When it penetrates the hair, it turns into vitamin B5, that is pantothenic acid. It easily binds water so it maintains the optimal hydration and enhances the formation of keratin. Apart from providing moisture and participating in hair repair, panthenol has a soothing effect on the skin (incl. skin on the head of course). It alleviates all kinds of irritations, therefore, it’s added to after-sun products too. For the sake of this post, the superb conditioning effect of panthenol on hair matters the most – it builds into the hair structure and greatly supports keratin for thicker and more voluminous hair.

What to combine panthenol with in hair-care products?

Because panthenol is similar to keratin, it’s best to deliver both of them to hair. They complement each other creating a perfect duo for healthy hair. Keratin ensures repair while panthenol makes sure hair receives the optimal amount of the hair-building protein on a regular basis.

Hair benefits of panthenol

  • perfectly moisturized hair
  • smooth, shiny, soft hair
  • end of frizz and static
  • thicker, easier to style hair
  • resistance to damage

How to use panthenol on hair?

You need to enable panthenol to repair your hair – to do that, it must be left in hair for longer. Hair mask is the best carrier for panthenol. Search for hair masks enriched with panthenol, ideally combined with keratin or oils. Fifteen minutes once a week are enough to give you strong, lovely hair that has sufficient moisture. A quality mask gives you great effects after just one usage so take your time and find the best-selling hair mask based on keratin and panthenol.