Nanoil Argan Oil

Hair type: all

Scalp: any

Properties: moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and protects 

Formula: light, organic oil of semi-liquid formula

Bottle: dark pharmaceutical glass, pipette applicator

Capacity: 50 ml

Nanoil Argan Oil is a unique cosmetic with perfect formula. It’s one of the most frequently recommended beauty oils mainly because of the positive reviews and its high quality, which is confirmed by Ecocert. But that’s not all. This oil is also suitable for being applied to face, body and fingernails to boost their appearance. A multi-purpose and fine cosmetic that million of women and men fell in love with.


Basically, there are no limitations when it comes to argan oil application that you have to comply to. The oil can be applied to hair even every day, rubbed into hair ends or mixed with hair balms.

Although argan oil serves all hair and skin types well, it’s tremendous potential in hair-boosting is displayed when applied to damaged, dry, thin, delicate and sensitized strands. This oil facilitates color-treated hair care and is useful in sorting out excessive hair loss problem.

In no time does Nanoil Argan Oil improve the appearance of matte and lifeless hair.


It takes no more than 15 minutes for the oil to boost hair appearance. After exposed to oiling, the hair becomes soft, nourished and shiny. Nanoil Argan Oil is an unrefined and cold-pressed product of a high quality. This entirely organic oil is perfectly suitable to treat all hair types, which is owed to its unique composition as well as ideal omega-3 and omega-6 proportion. When it comes to the beauty benefits of argan oil, it displays regenerating properties, improves hair structure, intensifies shine and shields against damage. When applied to the hair length, the oil creates a microscopic layer that shields the strands against aggressive external factors.

Moreover, argan oil knows how to smooth skin out, increase its suppleness, reduce fine lines and improve skin density. Also, it’s an ally in fighting back cellulite. Basically, argan oil is one of the world-recognized beauty oils mainly because of 100 active substances it’s made from. All of them positively influence health and state of both skin and hair.


It should be used once a week to carry out full hair oil treatment. To clarify, Nanoil Argan Oil has to be applied to the entire hair length and massaged into scalp in order to stimulate and nourish hair follicles. The oil can be put on wet and dry hair. However, if you care for exposing your hair to intensive regeneration, it’s better to spread the oil on wet hair (the absorption rate of wet hair is higher). Let the oil sit for 30 minutes (or just 15 minutes if you’re out of time) and shampoo the hair. Soon you shall notice improved hair structure. When applied regularly, Argan Oil by Nanoil significantly accelerates hair growth and slows down hair loss.

Furthermore, Argan Oil by Nanoil can be used to improve the condition of body, face, feet and fingernails by combining it with other cosmetics, beauty products, creams and balms; yet, the oil can be applied solo too. It’s also worth realizing that Nanoil Argan Oil is suitable for oil massage and as a constituent of homemade cosmetics. The truth is, it’s up to you how your Nanoil Argan Oil will be used. Choose the option that will turn out to be the most beneficial for your hair and skin.


  • positively influences hair and scalp
  • is one of the most popular oils in the world
  • is suitable for body, face, nails (multi-purpose)
  • is certified by Ecocert
  • delivers numerous nourishing substances
  • improves hair structure
  • accelerates hair growth and slows down hair loss
  • protects against aggressive external factors
  • increases hair shine and smooths it out
  • natural composition, organic oil of high quality
  • is cost-effective
  • can be used in various ways to oil hair


  • only one size
  • you have to get used to natural aroma of argan oil

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