Top ways to grow long hair: oils, scalp treatments, massage & other tricks

how to make hair grow faster

You’ve set your mind on growing long tresses but have no idea how to get round to it? Plenty of women secretly dream of silky-smooth, great-looking, waist-length hair but the reality turns out to be harsh. Their eagerness fades quickly. If you are one of them, don’t give up easily! Test the most popular ways to grow long hair – they may prove to be the bull’s eye.

Growing long hair isn’t easy. Every woman, who has taken up this challenge at least once, knows that. Notorious split ends, broken strands and knots don’t make the task easier. If we want to grow long tresses we must be patient – it’s the thing we must accept. Obviously, we also need the right tools that really let us trigger faster growth. See the top treatments below.

Best ways to grow long hair

#1 Castor oil scalp treatment

A king of all oils for faster hair growth. It’s best to pick an oil extracted through the method that doesn’t deprive the oil of the nourishing power that the castor bean has – this type of oil is a rich source of nutrients. Once you find one, you just need to rub it into the scalp regularly (e.g. every time before shampooing) to see stronger, healthier and more resilient hair after a couple of weeks. Castor oil is a powerful hair growth booster, really. It stimulates hair follicles so in turn new hair comes out for fuller-looking hairdo. It also has a soothing effect on the scalp.

#2 Black radish hair growth treatment

If not oil, you can go for a homemade black radish scalp treatment. This veggie isn’t popular and it doesn’t boast a nice smell either but it should be appreciated for the diversity of nutrients and properties. The black radish scalp treatment powerfully repairs, strengthens and revitalizes the tresses. How to make it then? Use a juicer machine or grate the radish and squeeze out the juice by hand. Then simply rub it into the scalp at least 30 minutes before shampooing and wait for the effects.

#3 Give yourself a scalp massage, regularly!

What’s another way to boost the growth? Among others, it’s the scalp massage which stimulates hair follicles through increasing the blood flow. This remedy doesn’t require any oils or home mixtures, just some spare time. Massage the skin for a few minutes every day using the fingertips to see the improvement after a couple of weeks: stronger, thicker, fuller hair. The regularity is the only condition to fulfil.

#4 Everyday brushing

This is similar to no 3. Our grandmas insist that brushing the hair regularly makes it grow quicker but currently we feel that this is impossible. The truth is that brushing the hair stimulates the growth on condition that you do this precisely and regularly. How come it makes your hair grow? While brushing you massage the scalp stimulating the blood flow and consequently enhance the natural growth cycle.

#5 Horsetail and nettle for hair growth

We must mention this duo when speaking about hair growth boosters. All hair-care junkies love to make use of horsetail and nettle to create natural scalp treatment or hair rinse which strengthens the hair, repairs it and aids the growth. How? The simple herbs turn out to hold great amounts of silicon, zinc and other minerals – when delivered to hair, they make hair thicker, intensify the color and maximize the shine. Over time, hair will grow longer too.