Hair care mistakes you probably make!

hair care

Do you think you know how to take care of your hair? Every and each one of us think that! After all, it can’t be that hard. You just need a hair wash and nourishment on a regular basis. Still, many of us do it wrong! Here are the most common mistakes in hair care. Check out if any of them were also committed by you.

Washing hair, brushing, tying – those seemingly simple tasks often contribute to the worsening of hair condition. All it needs is to use a cosmetic that doesn’t match your hair needs or use a hair accessory that seems harmless and the damage is done. What about you? Do you know what are the most common mistakes in hair care? Check your knowledge about hair and see which mistakes you need to avoid taking even better care of your hair.

Haircare mistakes. Do not do it!

● Brushing dry hair by force

Messy bed hair or tousled with wind hair? Everyone has been there. Sadly, on most occasions, we try to tame the tangled hair and comb them by force with a brush or a comb. You pull and break the hair only to comb it out. In the process, you lose a handful of hair that did not survive the ‘slaughter’.

It can be done way easier. Just rub some oil in the hair to make hair a bit heavier, smoother, and to make the comb slide smoothly on the hair surface. You can also consider using Tangle Teezer because of its wide and elastic teeth, hair can be brushed without pulling.

● Drying hair with hot air without thermal protection

Sometimes it is impossible not to use the hairdryer, especially when you wash your hair in the morning and in a hurry try to get ready for work. There is nothing wrong with it because when using wisely hairdryer will not cause any damage to the hair. You just need to remember not to use too high temperature because you can then make hair dry, burnt, frizzy, and dull.

The solution is to use warm air and from some distance from the hair. It may take a little bit longer but the hair will be healthier. It is also a great idea to use natural oils or thermo-protective spray.

● Too tight hair tie during the day and not tying hair before going to sleep

Hair condition is impacted also by the method we use to tie it or whether we do it at all. How is that possible that tying your hair impacts hair condition?

During the day, you may consider giving your hair a bit of freedom. Tight bun and high ponytail perhaps look effective but in the long run, are no good to the hair. It can weaken hair bulbs and make hair fall out excessively. On the other hand, during the night it is better to tie the hair but not too tight. If you leave hair loosens, it can cost it split ends because when hair rubs against the pillow it is more prone to damages, breakage, and frizz.

The best solution as to tying the hair is the use of effective but slightly loosen hairstyles, such as messy bun (or in a double version, co-called double messy bun). A great solution can also be all sorts of braids, low buns, and wind styled hairstyles.

● Insufficient, incorrect hair care

Many mistakes in hair care involve how and with what we take care of the hair. The most important rule is to have proper PEH balance (protein, emollient, humectants), which are ingredients that will regenerate, moisturize, and protect the hair. Not every hair type requires the same thing – the moisturized hair needs more humectants and the damaged hair more proteins. The most important thing is to find the balance and proportions that ensure hair lacks nothing.

The great help may be natural oils that both nourish and revitalize but also moisturize and protect against harmful factors (including the sun). You should consider the use of oils in hair care and try to apply them to every other hair wash.